The Importance of Having a Professional Tree Service in Spokane Prune Away Dead Wood


Sometimes a tree branch dies off even though the rest of the tree is healthy. For various reasons, it’s best to have a tree service in Spokane trim away this dead wood instead of just leaving it there.

Causes of Dead Wood

Often, tree owners are mystified as to why one branch loses its leaves and is no longer viable even while the rest of the tree is all right. A main cause is when lack of sunlight prevents adequate nutrition from reaching this part of the tree.

Trees that grow in abundant shade are vulnerable to this occurrence. A diseased tree also may have branches die off one by one, but property owners usually notice a more pervasive problem in this case.

Reasons for Pruning Dead Wood

The aesthetic appearance of the tree will be improved after dead wood is trimmed away. In addition, branches that are no longer viable are vulnerable to breaking and falling, which poses a hazard to anyone or anything underneath. In particular, large heavy branches that are no longer living should be pruned by a tree service in Spokane.

Dead branches rot away over time, which makes that part of the tree more susceptible to insect invasions and disease. The tree is likely to divert nutrients to the area in an effort to stop any further decay. That weakens the entire structure.

Reasons to Hire a Professional

If the tree is young and the dead branch is not at a significant height or exceptionally large, the property owner may be able to safely cut it off without issue. However, dead branches usually develop on older, large trees, making them very difficult to reach safely. Nobody should ever attempt to cut a branch while standing on an extension ladder or a stepladder on a pickup truck bed.

Professional tree service technicians have the equipment that allows them to do this work safely. They can use a scissors lift or a bucket truck, for example. That way, they have completely stable footing while completing the task. Visit Spokane Pro Care to learn more about one particular tree service company.