The Importance of Getting The Right NYC Restaurant Exhaust Fan System

Air Distribution

There are many critical pieces of equipment that restaurants need to operate correctly. That is why it’s vital to get equipment that can readily accommodate customer volume.

Kitchen Construction and Expansion Needs

When planning new restaurant construction, upgrades, or kitchen expansions investing in equipment to accommodate the expected customer base is essential. This is especially true when designing food prep areas like installing ample kitchen stoves and ovens. Once the right-sized equipment is chosen for cooking, it is essential to get a comprehensive kitchen exhaust fan system to accommodate them.

Installing Exhaust Ventilation Fans

A high-quality capacity-based exhaust ventilation fan system plays a crucial role in food prep. Failure to install the right size exhaust fan system can create cooking exhaust back feed into the kitchen and dining areas. While some of the required guidelines are based on national and state standards based on dining capacity and building codes for restaurants, these standards may be insufficient depending on the type of food being prepared.

Restaurants with a high degree of sauteing, frying, and stovetop cooking usually need higher capacity exhaust fan systems to remove the smoke and fumes. This is also a vital concern for restaurants that have a sustained period of peak dining crowds on weekends.

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