The Importance Of Generator Maintenance

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A standby generator is of no value if it fails to perform when it is needed. If you think of a typical car, it can comfortably run for 5000 hours during its useful lifetime, a typical standby generator on the other hand can last on average 20,000 hours. The problem with trying to determine how many years a standby generator will last is the difficulty in determining the number of times it will be called upon and the duration. If the generator only operates for a half an hour every week to exercise it, it will virtually last forever. Regardless of the number of times it is used and the number of hours it runs, the best way to ensure long, reliable operating life is to undertake consistent generator maintenance in River Forest.

Preventative maintenance schedule:

Maintenance schedules are usually set based on calendar weeks or running hours; the schedule for every unit will be different and should be set on the specifics of the application. The more hours the generator runs, the more frequently the unit will require maintenance. Although running hours are the most important criteria, the environment also plays a role.

Regardless of whether the generator runs on LP, natural gas or diesel, the maintenance required is similar. A typical maintenance program, which can be carried out once, twice or four times a year always starts with a general overall inspection which is followed by a more detailed inspection of specific components.

* Oil change
* Air filter change
* Engine test to verify output and performance
* Replace parts as necessary

Even if you opt for annual or semi-annual professional generator maintenance in River Forest, you, as the homeowner, should also ensure that the area arounf the generator is kept clean of vegetation and make sure wild life has not decided to nest in the unit. Keep an eye on the oil level when the generator is at rest as well as coolant levels.

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