The Four Different Duties of a Social Security Attorney in Missouri


Social Security is a federal program that benefits disabled people and others who cannot work for other reasons. Social Security also pays retirement and survivors benefits to retired workers, dependents, and deceased workers’ survivors. A social security attorney helps in solving problems relating to social security benefits. This blog post will discuss the different duties of a social security attorney in Missouri.

Advocating For Benefits

Social security attorneys in Missouri work to advocate for their clients in the best way possible. They have to learn about all the laws and regulations which impact their client’s cases. They must be knowledgeable enough to give sound legal advice and know-how to present it in the best possible manner.

Filing Claims

A social security attorney is responsible for filing a claim for their client as soon as possible after they become disabled or lose their employment. The claim may be filed on behalf of the client and his dependents/survivors.

Appealing Denials

They are responsible for appealing any denials made by the SSA on behalf of their clients. This includes appeals from administrative judges and rulings by SSA Commissioners, Appeals Board, or even the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit Courts.

Representing Clients in Court

The final step in a Social Security case is to represent clients in court on appeal if necessary. This includes preparing requests to review decisions made by administrative judges or SSA Commissioners and filing motions with Court of Claims Judges.

Get Legal Help

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