The Features Essential In A Beef Jerky Packaging Machine


It seems that food trends come and go, but one that has withstood changing fads and changing health eating trends is beef jerky. Just a quick glance down the snack aisle in any grocery store, gas station or convenience store will demonstrate the amazing number of brands, varieties, and options now available.

The need for unique packaging for beef jerky is evident. Finding the right beef jerky packaging machine is important. It will need to allow you to create the perfect look for the proper display of the product while also providing customer convenience in packaging design.

Important Features

In advance of selecting a beef jerky packaging machine, consider how you want the product to be packaged. Ideally, bags will make the most effective option as they are handy to carry along and make an excellent portable snack option.

The two most common types of bags used for beef jerky are the flat bags. These may be vacuum packed to give an additional level of consumer confidence. Often the vacuum packaging reassures customers of the freshness and safety of the food product inside.

The other common option is to use a stand-up bag, flat bottom bag or a gusset bag. These bag styles offer a couple of advantages to consider. First, they are typically a heavier bag, which means greater production for the product. Secondly, they can be displayed either standing up on a shelf or counter or, with a hole punch at the top; they also are ideal for hanging on display rods.

Film Considerations

Depending on the size of bags you wish to produce, you may be limited in the selection of beef jerky packaging machine models. The film will have to be food grade, and gas flushing is typically required at the time of packaging.

Finally, the closure for the bag will also be something to consider. Most of these snack foods have the zip lock closure and having an easy tear perforation is also an essential consideration for packaging and equipment choice.