The Enhanced Eyebrow Hair Round Rock, TX Women Want


Eyebrows add definition and expression to the face. They are more than protective hairs located above the eyes. Eyebrows are part of an overall look that makes a woman more beautiful. For decades, cosmeticians and makeup artists have recognized the value of eyebrows when it comes to creating fabulous facial looks. Discover more about the enhanced Eyebrow Hair Round Rock TX women want.

Add Extensions

Some women have thinning or sparse eyebrows. Full eyebrows are the popular look in today’s beauty world. Filling them in with a pencil or other makeup might not provide the lush results women prefer. The Eyebrow Hairs Round Rock TX women like can be provided through the professional application of brow extensions. These extensions give women dramatic eyebrows that last for up to 10 days. They are perfect for photographs, special occasions, and anytime a woman wants to look her best. They come in a variety of shades to match any hair and skin color. A clear adhesive is used so the brow extensions look natural.

Shapely Eyebrows

Women with thick, overgrown eyebrows can get shapely brows with professional waxing and threading services. Trimming and tweezing are also provided for a sleek, well-groomed look. Waxing only takes 15 to 30 minutes to transform the look of bushy eyebrows. Threading removes several hairs at a time at the follicle level. Regrowth depends on the personal hair growth of each women receiving these services. Typically, the results can last for three weeks or longer. Click here for more detaills.

Visible Eyebrows

Light-colored or graying eyebrows can look nonexistent and fade into a woman’s skin tone. Trying to apply makeup might yield unnatural results. Eyebrow tinting gives women eye-catching eyebrows that stand out and get noticed. A vegetable-based dye is used that lasts approximately four to six weeks for the bold Eyebrow Hair Round Rock TX women like.

If your eyebrows lack the wow factor, there are ways to make them look beautiful. Contact Haute House Lash and Beauty Bar to learn more about professional eyebrow services and how they can turn your ordinary brows into an extraordinary feature that will make your face more appealing.