The Distinct Advantages of Screen Porches in Brentwood, TN

Home Remodeling

Screen porches in Brentwood, TN provide extra space that helps extend the main living area outside of the home. This is somewhat true for decks and porches that are not enclosed, but a screen with a roof over the porch makes the space more useful during certain types of weather and it also keeps bugs out. It’s OK to leave the door to the inside of the home open even without a screen.

Porches, Decks and Patios

Typically people think of a deck as being on the back of the home while a porch would be in front. Because porches are screened in much more often than decks are, on average, people tend to call a screened-in deck a porch, even if it’s in the back. It’s also possible to screen in a patio and put a roof over the top of that structure. All have some similar features as well as some technical differences.

A Complementary Feature

Well-planned screen porches in Brentwood, TN complement both the exterior and interior of a home. The goal might be to experience little transition when walking from the inside onto the porch. Homeowners may want a more upscale design than a standard rectangle with a screen around it and a roof on top. They might like a porch that wraps around to one side, for example. They may want part of the porch to be open so they can barbecue food there or sunbathe.

Being Outside in Inclement Weather

It’s essential to keep in mind that a screened-in porch is not waterproof; rain can blow in when the weather is windy. That’s an important consideration when choosing furniture for the porch and remembering not to leave certain kinds of possessions out there if rain is in the forecast.

One particular beauty of this architectural feature, though, is that people can sit outside on the porch when rain is falling as long as the wind isn’t blowing it into the structure. That can result in a relaxing feeling while listening to the raindrops overhead and not being cooped up indoors. Anyone interested in having this type of construction done may browse our website to talk with a representative.