The Difference Between Colocation And The Cloud

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The terms colocation and cloud computing are often used together, but they are really two very different things. However, using colocation can make it easier for a business to move to the cloud.

What is Colocation?

Colocation can be thought of as renting space for a server in a dedicated data facility. With colocation, the business provides the server, and the data center provides the infrastructure, the physical location, the network connections, bandwidth, and the maintenance services required to run the server.

The business maintains full control over the configuration of the server, the security levels, and even how computing tasks are prioritized. The company also maintains full and private control of all data stored on the server or servers.

What is the Cloud?

The cloud is a network of linked or connected computers that are owned and managed by the data center. The data center maintains full ownership of the servers and also manages all aspects of server maintenance, security, and optimization. The business has control over some level of security and computing processing based on the type of cloud.

With the cloud, data is not stored on one server. Instead, it is stored on all the servers in the network, building in redundancy and allowing for maximum scalability and flexibility with virtually limitless resources.

By using colocation services, a company can create a hybrid cloud or a multicloud. This allows the data from the collocated server to be shared with some aspects of the public cloud, creating a hybrid or a multicloud environment, depending on the specific configuration.

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