The Dangerous job of Heavy Duty Towing


Heavy duty towing is a business which is much different than the average towing service. This type of towing is focused on the towing and recovery for heavy equipment and large trucks. The towing vehicles themselves typically require special licensing and specific training is needed to do this work safely and efficiently.

These companies, like any towing company are available 24-hours a day, regardless of the weather. While they may sometimes remove an abandoned vehicle, tow a repossessed truck or help a truck driver in the midst of a breakdown, the majority of their work is much more dangerous and delicate.

Recovery services take up a lot of the time and energy for heavy duty drivers. This is when a trailer jackknifes on a busy interstate or a loaded truck and trailer slide off a slippery highway and rolls down a steep embankment.

These types of incidents require precision, knowledge and hard work to clean up quickly and safely. The recovery is often done in the dark, in poor weather conditions and with speeding traffic flying by them. The recovery procedure after an accident can be as dangerous, and often more dangerous, than the accident itself.

Additionally, these are the experts who help operators of large trucks get back on the road following a breakdown. Most of these companies offer a roadside assistance for heavy equipment, typically available 24-hours a day just like their towing and recovery services.

Heavy duty wreckers are often able to move more than just other trucks too. These vehicles help to move construction equipment and vehicles, occasionally move small buildings and much more. In many instances they have the ability to move all of this equipment because they also own and use it for their own recovery work. What each company does for services will depend on their own training and equipment available.

It pays for all trucking companies, construction companies and anyone else who owns or works with large vehicles or equipment to be aware of the reputable heavy duty towing companies in Atlanta GA area and the areas they travel through so they will be well prepared should an unexpected event facilitate the need for this type of assistance.