Some types of jobs around the house are perfectly capable of being handled by a homeowner. Installing a new door, for instance, really just requires a screwdriver and some hinges. Garage doors, on the other hand, are a much more complex process, usually involving advanced carpentry skills, knowledge of electrical engineering, and at least two workmen. In nearly all cases, a homeowner would be better off hiring someone to take care of it instead of doing it themselves. But in that case, how much would it cost to install? The price can vary significantly, based on a number of different factors.

The Door Model
There isn’t just one standard garage door, and the prices of different door models can vary widely. The garage door models that are available to be installed are:

   * Single tilt-up: One solid door that gets pulled up in one movement. $400 – $700
   * Single roll-up: A door made of several wide panels that fold to allow cleaner opening and closing $800 – $1000
   * Custom roll-up: Like the previous model, but custom made. $1200-$2000
   * Solid wood custom: A custom design built from the ground up. Over $2500

There are other elements that can add on to the price tag. Windows at the top of the door to allow light inside, heavier duty steel or wooden frames for added security, and added insulation to cut on heating costs all can be packaged in with the garage door installation, and each can increase the price by a couple hundred dollars.

Garage Door Openers
Some garage door openers are just a basic model on a simple radio frequency, and these will usually cost $150 to $300. However, some customers are uncomfortable with a door that could hypothetically be opened by any opener, so for an extra $50 to $100, you can purchase a secure garage door opener that will be the only remote way to open your garage door.

Contractors who will do the job for you don’t come at a standard price either. Usually they will charge in the area of $500 to $800. More urban areas generally will charge more than rural, so you might have an easier time getting a deal on garage door installation in Berwyn than in a city.

All told, the cost of installing a new garage is highly variable, and really depends mostly on what your budget is, and what sort of door you want to have installed. To know more information visit