The best way to get natural looking dentures


Dentists in Hartford County, MD are well aware that dentures that closely resemble natural teeth look more natural than those that don’t. Denture wearers know that dentures that are secured properly and fit well are two things that help make dentures appear natural as is good maintenance. For dentures to maintain their appearance they must be thought of just like real teeth; they have to be cleaned and rinsed after eating and they should never be allowed to dry out.

Dentists in Hartford County, MD also know that real teeth are never perfect, all teeth have minor imperfections; some are slightly crooked while others are not snow white. When dentures are made with no imperfections they look artificial. If the dentist has been treating a patient for some time he or she will know what the patients teeth looked like but if you are dealing with a dentist who was not familiar with your natural teeth all you have to do is provide him or her with a couple of photos where the patient has a big smile. The pictures can be a perfect starting point for natural looking dentures.

False teeth must look right, if they are too big or too small they will look out of place in the wearer’s mouth. The bottom of the denture, the part that fits against the roof of the mouth must also fit properly. Dentures often require routine work such as relining to keep them comfortable, this is understood but if the denture is not made to fit properly in the first place no amount of adjusting will make them look right.

People laugh and eat and if dentures are not secured properly doing these things can often be quite embarrassing. If dentures are not designed to be secure in the mouth they can easily drop. Dentures can be secured in a couple of ways; if there are teeth remaining in the jaw and the denture is a partial, it can fit to these teeth with clamps. If the denture is full it can be attached to implants placed in the jaw or held with suction to the palette and gums.

If dentures due slip they can be held using denture adhesive. Denture adhesive is either a paste or powder which, when applied to the back of the denture holds them firm once the denture is pushed up against the gums.

If dentures are well cared for and taken to the dentists in Hartford County, CT for periodic relining they can be expected to look and feel good for many years.
If your teeth cannot be recovered then you can consider full or partial dentures to recover your natural smile. You are invited to make an appointment with Kaplan & McGlothlin DDS, dentists in Hartford County, MD. Visit website for more information.