The Best Practical Tips for Generator Maintenance in River Forest


When well-maintained, a generator can last for decades and provide invaluable comfort and convenience to homes and businesses. Most problems generator owners encounter has to do with a lack of maintenance. Property owners who want to get many years of uninterrupted usage from their generators and circumvent expensive repairs should follow these generator maintenance tips.

Use Heavy Duty Cords

Ask any shop that provides generator maintenance in River Forest what the #1 way is to extend the lifespan of a generator and they’ll say it’s all about the type of cord used. Using heavy-duty cords lowers the risk of burn-out because less voltage is used; whereas, light cords increase voltage and lead to more wear and tear.

Keep Gas in the Generator

Don’t get in the habit of running out of gas. Do this too often and the electrical load from the house will suck the generator’s magnetic field and cause the generator to fail.

Stock Up on Oil and Filters

Generators need oil to run. The longer they’re used, the more oil they need. Property owners planning on using their generators for a long time should make sure they have enough oil and filters on hand to replace when necessary.

Choose the Right Sized Generator

Generators have a maximum load capacity that shouldn’t be exceeded. A common mistake property owners make is buying a generator that’s too small to produce the energy needed to power an area sufficiently. For example, a small generator might do well keeping the refrigerator running during a power outage, but it wouldn’t be able to power an entire home.

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