The Best Places to Find Metal to Take to the Scrap Yard in Philadelphia


Want to earn some extra money by trading in scrap metal for cash at the scrap yard? Luckily, metropolitan areas like Philadelphia are a treasure trove of discarded items that can yield a surprisingly large profit when they’re scrapped in bulk. Still, what metals should you look for and where do you find them? Here are the three most common metals you can cash in on at the Scrap yard in Philadelphia and the best places to look for them.


Copper fetches consistently high prices at the Scrap yard in Philadelphia and it’s surprisingly abundant. The best places to glean scrap copper are from old plumbing and heating fixtures; copper piping lines can be amazingly heavy. Check old furnaces, boilers, washers, air conditioners and dryers for sources of copper. Other good places to find copper for scrap include capacitors from old television sets and the inner workings of kitchen appliances like refrigerators, microwaves and even toasters. Old copper pots and pans often have a heavy weight and are worth taking to the scrap yard.


Although it’s not as valuable as copper, aluminum is very easy to find in quantity so it’s worthwhile to scrap. One of the easiest ways to collect scrap aluminum is by collecting beer and soda cans over time until you have enough to scrap. Aluminum can also be gleaned from old window frames, exterior siding and gutters. You can even save used aluminum foil to take to the Scrap yard in Philadelphia.


Brass can be very valuable at the Scrap yard in Philadelphia–you just need to know where to find it. Like copper, the best sources of brass scrap are discarded parts from old furnaces, boilers and water heaters. Brass was also commonly used in antique kitchen and bathroom fixtures, doorknobs and even bed frames. Is there a shooting range near you? Offer to clean up discharged brass shells for the owner. They have a decent weight and will fetch a high price at the scrap yard if you can secure them in bulk.

Finding metal to scrap is easy if you know where to look. To get the best return on your scrap, make sure to separate your copper, aluminum and brass before you take it to the scrap yard.