The Best Methods for Taking Care of 4C Hair in Stone Mountain

Hair Care

When it comes to natural hair, people may think it’s all the same. But, natural hair comes in many beautiful textures that need special care based on unique characteristics. If you have 4c hair, you have a gorgeous texture of tightly wound curls that need products and techniques mindful of your particular hair pattern. Here are methods that will take the best care of 4c natural hair.


There are many styles you can use for natural hair, but the hairdo will not look as great if your hair is dry and brittle. With the tight spirals of 4c hair, the natural oils of the scalp cannot make it through to the end. Therefore, you should include a moisturizer for 4c hair into your styling routine. How often this is done should is based on how quickly your hair gets dry again. Also, you may see better results from moisturizer for 4c hair if you apply oil on the hair also.


Detangling is important for any hair routine, but especially for on 4c hair. The hair in this tight curl pattern can easily wrap around each other, causing knots and tangles to form. Eventually, these will break the hair or have to be cut and will ruin any chance to see and enjoy the growth of your hair. The best way to handle this is to part the hair into small sections and slowly run a wide-tooth come through. By using moisturizer for 4c hair will help the hair slip through the comb and make it easier to remove tangles.