The Benefits of Using a Fiber Laser Metal Cutter


Laser cutting is a technology that uses a high-power laser to cut metal and other materials. A fiber laser metal cutter can typically be found in manufacturing facilities that require high-quality cuts. A fiber laser has benefits that a typical CO2 laser cutter or plasma cutter does not.

  • Fast: Considerably faster than a CO2 laser when cutting thin metals

  • Cost: The cost per part is less than CO2 acquisition is lower, there are no moving parts and they cut faster and more accurately. Visit B

Laser cutting works by directing a high-powered laser beam at the metal to be cut. The beam is directed and controlled by a computer. When the beam strikes the metal, the metal melts, burns, is vaporized or blown by a gas jet. The finished edge of the cut is such that there is no need for secondary finishing operations.


  • Fiber laser uses an optic cable to deliver the beam. CO2 machines use mirrors. Fiber laser results in less power loss and increased efficiency, the cost of production is lower. Sheet metal is being used more and more, as a result, processing is playing a larger role. Fiber laser cutters cater to the need. CO2 lasers are predominately used to cut thicker metal sections.

  • All manufacturing equipment requires maintenance. Fiber lasers require less routine maintenance than their CO2 counterparts which saves the company money and reduces unnecessary downtime. A CO2 laser needs regular maintenance and expensive part replacement costing a great deal.

  • A fiber laser metal cutter performs with far superior precision and perfect cut edges. Laser cutting is ideal for cutting extremely complex shapes, there is no need for any secondary operations or complex tooling.

Modern industry requires different equipment and machines, has their benefits and drawbacks. Fiber laser cutters have numerous advantages over CO2 cutters and mechanical methods; the cost of acquisition is lower, there are no moving parts and they cut faster and more accurately. Visit Blazer Tech for more info.