The Benefits of Spring Cleaning your Home

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During the cold winter months many of us hate going outdoors. It’s wet, windy and can be potentially dangerous if driving on icy roads. Additionally, we keep our houses closed up to prevent chilly drafts and moisture from sneaking in. Windows are secured, doors are never left open, and our trips into the backyard are kept to an extreme minimum. Over time, dust and dander can build up in heating ducts and on surfaces around your home since fresh air isn’t being filtered in through an open window. For families with allergies, a closed-up house during winter can be brutal on lungs and eyes. As soon as the cold weather leaves and warmer temperatures arrive, it’s time for some spring cleaning!

Physical and Psychological Benefits to Spring Cleaning

While some people may view spring cleaning as a chore, it can be highly beneficial to your health and well-being! Even if you don’t do it yourself, hiring a crew for home cleaning services in NYC can turn a stuffy winterized home into an open and welcoming abode. Throughout the winter, you may have noticed papers building up on your desk lowering your overall productivity. During the spring, open a window to let the sunshine and fresh air in, turn on some music, and start tidying up your desk. You’ll not only feel better in the end, but you’ll notice an increase in how much work you get done now. Vacuuming, dusting the shelves, and mopping linoleum floors can also help add to your overall happiness. Vacuuming removes large amounts of dust and dander that collected over the winter, while dusting gives your mantle and other surfaces a rejuvenated look. Mopping can bring out a new shine and brighter color to your floor, combined with the increased natural lighting it may even look like a new floor!

Letting the Professionals Handle It

You may not have the energy, time or ability to do your own spring cleaning – and that’s okay! There are a number of home cleaning services in NYC you can take advantage of. Hire a local cleaning team and make some special requests to ensure your home gets the deep clean it needs after a long winter. Some often overlooked areas include ceiling fan blades, light switches, doorknobs, refrigerators and closets. The more areas that are addressed and cleaned, the happier you will feel when entering a new season!

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