The Benefits of Rainwater Harvesting

Construction and Maintenance

For both economic and environmental reasons, many Americans are looking for ways to reduce energy, electricity and water use around their homes. An increasingly popular way to conserve and reuse the immense volume of water collected on house roofs during rainfall is the practice called rainwater harvesting. Austin, Texas is a perfect location to reap the benefits of this practice, as rainfall is generally sparse and irregular in this region of the country. The equipment needed for a harvesting system is inexpensive and can result in a significant decrease in utility bills and water usage.

How Does Rainwater Harvesting Work?
The process of harvesting rainwater begins with collection. For most homeowners considering adding harvesting systems to their homes, the existing gutter system is adequate for collecting rainwater from the roof. The next step is transportation. After transporting through the gutters, rainwater travels through an additional piping system to large barrels or tanks on the side of the house. In this storage phase, rainwater can either be kept cool or heated by the sun. The reservoir of water is then accessed through a hose or additional piping.

How is Harvested Rainwater Used?
The water collected and stored in home rainwater harvesting systems is harnessed for many non-potable uses. One of the most popular is for watering gardens and landscaping arrangements around the home, which can be as simple as using a normal garden hose or as complex as full irrigation systems that run through the yard. The water can also be used for outdoor cleaning and car washing. Harvesting setups with “first flush arrangements” also have built-in equipment to remove the first gallons of rainwater, which contain the most dirt and debris, to make it more suitable for these cleaning purposes. Professional installers can also use filtration systems to make harvest water potable.

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