The Benefits of Getting U.S. Made Custom Orthotic Shoe Inserts


Having foot pain can be a very difficult problem to live with. Since most everything we do requires mobility, anything that impairs that can make life very challenging. People with a reduction in mobility can increase their risk for a series of other health issues.

The Benefits of Foot Orthotic Inserts For Injuries and Deformities

For people who have been diagnosed with problems with their heel, arch, or other foot problems that affect the way they walk; getting orthotic inserts can be the best solution. There are a wide variety of orthotic options to help improve walking capacity and reduce pain. Most orthotics will fit in any type of shoe but may not work in open shoes such as sandals.

Custom Made Orthotics

Custom orthotic inserts are specially designed to match each patient’s foot. Unlike store-bought inserts, these inserts are created with an individual mold. Personalized orthotic inserts help patients to ease the pain and discomfort of walking from foot deformities or injuries. With the use of custom orthotic inserts that both correct heel alignment issues and adjust defects in the arch shape, patients can realize a significant improvement in their ability to walk correctly with little pain or discomfort.

If you are looking for a good custom orthotic company to help improve an ailment or injury of the foot, Arcus Orthotics uses custom orthotic technology. Their molds make supportive modifications based on each person’s medical needs to help reduce and prevent pain as well as reduce the progression of any deformity. You can learn more about their products at