The Benefits Of EVA Cases

Custom Products

As an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) it is important to not just sell a product, but also to sell a product that is protected and in a form that end-users will value. Having a custom case that goes with your product or that can be sold as an addition to your product is ideal and can add to your branding and marketing.

When considering the options for a case, don’t stick to the bore old traditional options. Adding colors, styles and different shapes to the case than is possible with the old plastic or vinyl cases makes your product stand out. These EVA cases are extremely popular for everything from medical devices to electronics and even testing or industrial equipment.

What is EVA?

EVA stands for Ethylene Vinyl Acetate. It is a semi-rigid foam that, during processing, can be compressed and molded into any shape you need. EVA cases are extremely lightweight while still providing excellent levels of protection.

As a material, EVA is very effective as a natural padding, absorbing shock and preventing damage to the items in the case even with drops or when used in extreme types of environments. It is also water resistant and will float, so it is ideal for any equipment that may need to be transported or used outdoors.

Branding Opportunities

In addition to the limitless opportunities to create customized EVA cases of any shape or size, this material is also ideal for branding. The material is also perfect for laminating colored materials to the surface, which provides the option to add a dash of color or to use corporate colors and logos on all the cases for your products.

In addition to the ability to choose corporate colors, the exterior or interior surface of EVA cases can also be molded to any shape or logo design. This adds an extra touch of style to the case while also enhancing branding and marketing options at a low cost.