The Benefits Of Choosing A Historic Preservation Graduate Program

by | Jun 6, 2017 | Arts And Entertainment

Many people enjoy learning about and studying history, whether of the world or your particular location. However, you may be unlikely to get a job position or start a career with history alone and may require a more specialized program, becoming a historic preservation graduate. You’ll learn about the theory and practice, as well as public history throughout the years. You’ll also gain practical experience through various means, including internships.

Professional Standards

In the past, there were rarely any standards when it came to history and getting careers in the field. Likewise, they didn’t need a lot of work experience to get started. Most of them now have successful careers and worked hard to provide professional standards for new people entering the field of study. It makes sense that things are progressing away from DIY projects and have easy-to-follow curriculum features, but it also means that you’re more likely to require a degree, getting working knowledge in the field and practical experience for your resume.

Why Training/Experience Is Good

Many employers now realize the benefits of education and experience before hiring. Historians have to maintain a good working relationship with archaeologists, architects, planners, and others. The historic preservation graduate program can help draw on all of these disciplines, helping you speak the common language and be respectful of all points of view. You may also be required to talk to the public and explain why you want to preserve things, which is easier when you have communication skills and know how to engage an audience. The methods they use are also unique and aren’t learned overnight, so it makes sense that you take a few courses and learn things properly.

The historic preservation graduate program helps you learn about documentation, research, and material conservation. Visit SAIC to find out more today.

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