The Benefits of an Appointment With a Massage Therapist in Federal Way, Washington

Health Care

Everyone has a point where they are too tired, depressed or burdened by stress to accomplish everything they want. There could be health problems or just a busy schedule that causes this type of reaction. It is common for people to push themselves through the rut until things improve or their days become a little less hectic. An alternative solution that is much more enjoyable and a healthier solution is to visit a Massage Therapist in Federal Way WA.

Soothes Away Anxiety

It is not only the muscle relaxation and circulation boost that helps people to relax during a massage. Research studies have repeatedly shown that human touch is therapeutic and has the power to help relieve anxiety and some forms of depression.

Prevents Some Illness

People often develop more colds or are more susceptible to flu viruses when they are under a lot of stress because the body often reacts to stress by lowering the white blood cell count. Some people experience an increase of these cells when they experience chronic stress. The elevated level may remain too long and put them at risk of developing an autoimmune disorder.

Massage helps to increase the numbers of white blood cells in the body for a short period of time. The boost is long enough to be beneficial for the immune system, but not so long that it can cause health problems. The reduction of stress following a massage can help to lower long-term rises in white blood cells.

Reduces Chronic Pain

Tension increases headache risk and causes neck and shoulder pain. Long hours sitting at a desk puts pressure on the hips and back. Sore feet, knees and backs are common for people that spend their workdays on their feet. Massage can help regardless of where the discomfort is located. Chronic pain can cause sadness, stress and even anger. Relief from the pain reenergizes people and improves moods.

Find a Massage Therapist in Federal Way WA and discover the benefits of a therapeutic massage. The service should be a part of a wellness plan because it can help to lower blood pressure, relieve pain and so much more. A weekly massage for a couple of months followed by maintenance massages once or twice a month afterward makes everyday life a little easier to manage.