The Basics of What an Immigration Attorney Does

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In the eyes of the US legal system, violating the immigration laws is a serious offense, and if you are proved guilty of it, you can even be deported. But the laws also recognize that you have the right to contest your deportation, unless there are exceptional circumstances involved. Such circumstances would be if you have committed a grave offense or misdemeanor. With the exception of these circumstances, you can fight for your right and get your deportation stalled. This is where the services of an experienced immigration attorney can be your greatest ally.

If you have been handed a legal notice from court that points out your alleged violations of the immigration laws, you must be wondering what is your next course of action, how should you take it from here, and who should you approach. In all such matters, a good immigration attorney can provide invaluable assistance.

When you have the prospect of deportation before you, the best thing you can do is to walk into the chamber of a competent immigration attorney. Ask the firm if they offer free consultations. Many reputed firms offer initial legal consultations without charging anything for it. Take advantage of this and get the benefit of experience of an immigration attorney.

While each state has its own laws regarding immigration, a good attorney always knows the ins and outs of the process and how the legal system works. They have a thorough grounding in handling all matters of law and have special training in dealing with issues of immigration. With their years of experience in tackling immigration issues, they can examine your situation from all angles. After this they suggest a course of action that is most suitable for your need.

There are many grounds on which the order for deportation could get canceled. If you have been a lawful resident of the country for at least five years, it could be a good ground for your deportation order to get revoked. If you have been legally admitted in the country and have stayed there for a continuous period of seven years, that could also be a suitable ground. A competent immigration attorney examines your situation throughly to determine on which ground your case is to be fought.

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