The Basics Of CBT Therapy


CBT or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is one form of talk therapy. It is used to support change in individuals with various mental health issues, including panic and anxiety disorders, depression, relationship issues, additions, and other issues including grief and eating disorders. Well-researched and extensively used worldwide, this is a leading therapeutic technique used by therapists and counselors.

CBT therapy is used at top counseling and therapy clinics throughout Woods Cross, UT. It is a supportive process where the individual and the therapist work together to explore how thinking (cognition) impacts how we respond and behave in different sectors of our lives. When the thinking is incorrect or distorted, it is possible to change these unhealthy and unhelpful thinking patterns to develop more effective behaviors and coping mechanisms.

Examples of Strategies

During CBT therapy, the counselor or therapist works with the individual to explore the thought patterns and thinking distortions that create the problem. This information allows the individual to evaluate those thought distortions and then replace them with more accurate, relevant, and realistic thoughts.

This leads to a natural change in behavior and an increase in confidence in handling previously challenging events in life. At the same time, the individual increases his or her ability to problem solve, understand their own motivations, and perhaps to even understand the motivations of others.

Some methods used in CBT therapy in Woods Cross, UT include role play, mindfulness, exploration of options, and exploring areas of fear or challenges in a safe, therapeutic, and supportive interaction with the therapist. Often CBT sessions are very impactful, and individuals in Wood Cross, UT, may only work with a therapist for a short time before seeing significant positive changes.