Street signs are not obsolete given this Internet geared world. Some businesses and marketers continue to have great success in the very real and tangible marketing that sees results. Signage is just one of the main ways to accomplish exactly this, but there are both bad signs and great signs. The below will hopefully provide some quick broad stroke insight into staying safe and productive in street signage.

A Redirect Phone Number

The real estate industry is especially conducive to street advertising. But it can also get the attention of city officials that can potentially start a case against someone. Never ever use a personal phone number. Many signs may not have a contact number at all, for they are simply advertising a present business or website. But it is common to have a contact number, and this is where things get tricky. Use a redirect line, such as Google voice or an assistant contact number. This means that a live person is not answering the phone directly, and the number is being directed to another line. In other words, it is private.

Quiet Property

It is not smart to use Sign in Orange County right next to a Mcdonald’s, for example. The problem is obvious. A manager could see the sign and simply tell an employee to go out there and grab it. Worse yet, this is opening the door to the wrath of not just the city but the companies in the area. Two enemies is twice as bad as one. Try to find quiet areas in private regions, such as outside an abandoned building or in a patch of grass not in front of another open building.

This is not to say that placing signs out is illegal- or at least not exactly. It is frowned upon, but rarely is action ever taken unless an individual is coating the city in signage. The best practice is to be discreet, reasonable, and non-invasive about the efforts of marketing using signs. A Sign in Orange County could bring forward all sorts of attention. But if it is well implemented, it will reach plenty of people without bringing forward city officials.  details all this and a lot more about distributing signs in the county.