The Appeal Of The Dodge RAM 1500

Car Dealership

Vehicle buyers in and around the Wichita, KS area, are often looking for a vehicle that can serve many purposes. They want a luxury interior for driving around town or on the highway while also needing a vehicle they can use for hauling, towing, and handling all types of jobs.

Dodge RAM 1500 Wichita KS – One of the most practical options for a multi-purpose vehicle is the Dodge RAM 1500. This is the smallest size of full-sized pickup offered in the RAM line. However, it is important to realize this does not mean this truck is lacking in workability or features. It does mean it is a truck that is practical to drive in Wichita, KS, with ease of parking and maneuverability in the city without giving up performance as a work vehicle.

Features and Options to Consider

The Dodge RAM 1500 is a half-ton vehicle with a luxury car interior. Drivers can choose a heads-up display, making this a driver-friendly vehicle on long trips or when driving in traffic.

For those who plan to haul a trailer, there is a range of different safety and driver-assist features included. These make hauling a trailer down the road or backing up the truck and trailer safe, easy, and stress-free. The automatic trailer backup system even controls steering when backing up, ideal for getting into tight spaces in one easy maneuver.

Options to Consider

Along with all the technology and driver-assist features, there are different packages available to add everything from a remote start to heated seats and a panoramic sunroof. With nine different trim options, buyers can find a Dodge RAM 1500 that is perfect for their driving needs.