The Advantages of Using the Latest Computer Programs in Your Repair Shop

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When you first opened your car repair shop, you did not think about the role that its computer system would play in your customer service. You assumed you would use your computer to do your books and possibly shop online for car parts that you would need to carry out some repairs.

However, as you soon found out, your computer and mobile devices that you use for your business can actually come in handy for making quick diagnoses and finding out how to repair cars efficiently. You can also use them to install the latest repair shop software on them.

Diagnoses in Seconds

Before this repair shop software was invented, you had to spend hours figuring out what was wrong with the cars in your shop. You and your mechanics had to take apart the engines and pull apart entire systems to see what was wrong and what it would take to fix the cars back up. The entire process could have taken the greater part of the business day.

With this software, however, you can connect the device to the car’s computer system and get a list of codes that indicate what is wrong with the vehicle. The codes tell what the mishap is and where the problem is located. You know in minutes what it will take to get the car back up and running.


The repair software is also mobile and can be used all over your shop. Once you have it installed on your computer or mobile device, all you have to do is take one of the devices with you out into the shop to make a fast diagnosis. You avoid having to set up a diagnostics station in your business because of not being able to lug the computer around.

This software lets you service your customers better. It speeds up repairs and lets you make accurate diagnoses. Contact eGenuity in Monroe at to find the repair shop software you need.