Sod Lawn Installation in McLean VA has multiple advantages over sowing and growing grass seed. When the entire lawn is seeded and grown, it takes patience, time, and effort, but sodding the lawn provides instant gratification. Below are several reasons to choose sod over grass seed.

Sod Lawns Produce Finished, Instant, and Attractive Results

While this benefit may sound rather vain, it’s not. Most homeowners want their lawns to be the envy of their neighbors and friends, and a sod lawn is the quickest route to a cookout on a warm, sunny day. Furthermore, homeowners and builders appreciate the immediacy, as sodding eliminates the mud that may accumulate while a seeded lawn establishes itself.

Installed Lawns are Less Expensive

While sod may seem more expensive at the outset, it saves money in the long term. Growing lawns from grass seed require homeowners to spend money and time on fertilization, weed control, and over-seeding during the second growing season. However, sod eliminates all those extra expenses.

Sod Lawns are Healthier Because They’re Professionally Maintained

Sod gets the benefit of great soil, frequent fertilization, and ample watering, which ensures good root development. This relates to the point above, where sod Lawn Installation in McLean VA may cost a little more upfront, and it also explains why these lawns provide a solid foundation for years of lush, green growth.

There Are No Weeds in Sod

New sod has no weeds because it’s been grown by professionals. Not just that, the higher density of sod keeps weed seeds from germinating, which minimizes the future need for herbicides.

Sod Minimizes Soil Erosion

When a lawn is sodded, it won’t lose precious topsoil in hilly or sloped areas. Sod provides an instant solution for drainage problems and rain runoff that are common to bare soil.

Start Today

All homeowners want a healthy, beautiful, and green lawn. Not only do attractive lawns give Virginia homes more curb appeal, but they’re also an important part of what makes a house feel like a home. Sod lawn installation is an important consideration for any customer who needs a new lawn, restoration, or renovation. Browse our website for more details or call today to schedule a consultation.