The Advantages Of A Toroidal Transformer

by | Jun 24, 2016 | Electronics and Electrical

When it comes to choosing components for a range of different types of applications from sound equipment to computers and electronics, making the right decision can have a big impact on overall performance.

For many years, the go-to option for these types of applications has been a toroidal transformer. This is not just because of convenience; it is because these components are exceptionally good at what they do. To understand the advantages and benefits of using these components, it is important to examine each benefit on its own.

The toroidal or donut shape of this transformer is the key to its effectiveness is such a broad spectrum of uses. With various options in size as well as materials for the core as well as the wrapping this is a perfect design that is small and lightweight, both important considerations for today’s compact electronic systems.

High Efficiency

The standard type of laminated transformer tends to be heavy and bulky. In most cases a toroidal transformer can provide the same efficiency as a standard transformer but weigh about half as much.

This lower weight is important, but equally important is the lower energy use of these transformers. Even under load they can save about a third of the power required for a standard transformer to do the same job. At no-load measurements this power efficiency factor will increase significantly to up to or over 80% of standard types of transformers.

Mounting Problems Solved

As mentioned above, the size and weight of these transformers are up to half of a standard transformer. While this saves on the space for the component, the round shape is also ideal for mounting in any direction and in very small components that a standard transformer simply could not.

Typically, the toroidal transformer is mounted with a single mounting screw, but there are also other options including encapsulation in housings and the use of specially designed mounting brackets for unique uses and applications.

They can even replace a standard transformer with very little retrofitting required. With brackets in place, it is possible to use the existing mounting screws and holes from the standard transformer to secure and hold the toroidal replacement.

Finally, the simple yet effective design of these transformers makes them easier to produce, helping to keep the costs of production low. With the design, there is also much less risk of failure or defects in the design, even with atypical transformer sizes and unique requirements.

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