The 3 Main Benefits of Installing Waterless Fire Suppression Systems

Fire Protection

You need to have an effective fire suppression system in place inside of your business. Many places still have traditional overhead water-based fire suppression systems set up. It might be in your best interest to consider installing waterless fire suppression systems as an alternative. Here’s why.

Fewer Damages

Your entire building will sustain fewer damages if you invest in a water-based fire suppression system. Flooding and water damage are common for businesses that use water-based systems. There’s always a huge cleanup involved, and the damages to electronics and furniture can be extensive. You’ll have no worries in that area if your fire suppression system doesn’t release water.

Fast Acting

Waterless systems are fast-acting. They’re designed to kick on at a lower threshold than most traditional water-based systems are. The faster your suppression system turns on, the safer that you and your workers will be.

Safe for Employees and Visitors

Another benefit to consider is the safety of the people who visit your business. Waterless systems release gases that are odor-free and safe for anyone inside of your building. Your employees, customers, and business associates will be able to walk out of there unscathed by fire, toxic inhalants, and excess water. They’ll have a worry-free life-saving experience. Many businesses are choosing waterless systems because of their commitment to their customers and workers.

We’ve only touched base on the many benefits that you can receive if you invest in waterless fire suppression systems. You can speak with a provider to learn about some of the other benefits.