Texas Waterfowl Hunting


Most waterfowl hunters in Texas head to one of the reputable lodges and have a guide take them on their hunt. However, there are those that do public Texas waterfowl hunting as well and don’t realize that there are a few commandments they need to follow. With that being said, if you aren’t sure of the rules when publicly hunting, read on below for a few of the commandments you need to follow to the letter.

Never Shoot at Another Hunters Swing

In other words, if a flock flies over your blind, in range that you can hit them don’t. If they are a flock that your neighboring blind is working, it is just common courtesy to let them go and wait on the flock that you are working comes into range. Many, many fights have been fought over this very practice, don’t be the one to break the commandment.

Keep Plenty of Space Between You and Other Hunters

In most areas, 50 yards is considered enough space between hunters. It makes good common sense and is a show of respect. Now, the rules change if you are buddying up with another hunter, but other than that, keep your distance.

Set Up and Tear Down Quickly and Efficiently

Make sure that you respect other hunters by setting up and tearing down quickly and with efficiently. Maybe you don’t have to be at work at 6 am, but some others may have too. You won’t make any friends by taking your time and lollygagging around.

These are just a couple of the commandments that you shouldn’t break when publicly duck hunting. Many hunters choose to visit a lodge instead and do their hunting privately. If you choose to do hunting this way, contact the professionals at Bay Flats Lodge to book your trip today.