Ten Tips & Tricks every sales person should with a iPhone or iPad

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Technology advances have not only changed the world, they should have also changed the way that you do business. By now you should have taken the time to make sure your entire sales staff understands how they can use the iPhone and iPad to generate sales.

By this point you should have set things up so that you’re sales staff can quickly access images of the product that you want them to sell. With access to these images, the sales rep will be able to use their iPad to show the client exactly what the product looks for. This saves the sales rep from having to drag an entire case of items to each meeting they have with clients.

By using the iPad, your sales rep should be able to quickly access information about additional products/services that your company provides, increasing the odds of them being able to make a brand new sale that might not have happened if they didn’t have quick information to these images.

These days, customers have become suspicious, they no longer want to just take the word of a sales rep, they want to be able to do some of their own research before they make a final decision. By providing links to reviews and other source of info, your sales rep will be able to decrease the amount of time it takes for your client to decide whether or not they want to take advantage of your business.

No matter how well prepared a sales person is, there will come a time when a customer surprises them with a question. Instead of saying that they don’t know, the rep can use the iPhone to quickly find the information they need to provide an accurate and satisfactory answer.

In addition to being able to show images of the product, the rep will be able to use videos and demonstrations as part of their attraction marketing pitch.
Your company needs to create an application that the customer can download to their own iPhone. They will be able to use this app whenever they have a question for their sales rep, or if they need to make an order.

Many companies have found that they can use the Skype feature on the iPhones to help them train a large quantity of sales reps without having to pull them in from the field.

You really need to make sure that the client will be able to use an app that allows them to track their order from their iPhone.

Sales reps need to be trained in social networking which allows them to stay connected to their customers even when they’re on the road.

As a business owner, you and your sales reps should be able to use the iPhones to track customer data which will help you connect with the customer whenever you have new products/services they’re history indicates that they will like.

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