A Teeth Whitening in Wallingford Treatments Creates a Bright and Youthful Smile


A youthful and healthy appearance is important in today’s world. People are working later in life and they want to look vigorous enough to compete for raises and promotions with younger workers. Many older people also find themselves divorced or widowed. Therefore they find themselves dating again. A healthy and beautiful smile is one of the best ways to look more youthful and attractive. There are several Teeth Whitening in Walingford options that people can choose from. Often they look in the mirror and decided that they should use a whitening toothpaste. They don’t realize that using this for a month will only make their teeth one or two shades brighter.

When the toothpaste doesn’t yield the desired results, they may purchase a teeth whitening pen. This has to be used several times a day for at least two weeks. Teeth may become three or four shades whiter over this period. However, the results may be uneven because the person didn’t apply the mixture properly. At this point, the frustrated person may decide to make a Cosmetic Dentistry appointment. The dentist will examine their teeth to determine if bleaching chemicals will work effectively on their teeth. People with yellow stains caused by coffee, food and smoking will benefit the most from a chemical-based Teeth Whitening Procedure.

In about 90 minutes, an in-office whitening procedure can whiten teeth up to 10 shades. Some people are afraid that such a powerful whitening process will harm their tooth enamel. Just the opposite is true. The bleaching gels that dentists use have compounds in them to strengthen the tooth enamel. Stronger enamel is less porous and resists future stains more effectively.

When the patient arrives for their Teeth Whitening Treatment the dentist cleans the teeth to remove any debris. This ensures that the bleaching gel will evenly penetrate all of the tooth enamel. A comfortable lip and mouth guard prevents any of the gel from touching other areas of the mouth. Once the gel is applied, a laser light is focused on the area. This helps the gel bind with stains deep in the tooth. After the procedure is complete, the patient is delighted to have the whitest possible teeth.