Teeth Whitening and Cosmetic Dentistry Help in Oceanside


The teeth are one of the first things people see when they meet us. They can ultimately make or break a first impression. It’s important to take care of the teeth to ensure that they’re healthy and always looking their best. While not everyone is born with perfect teeth, there are great places to get the best Cosmetic Dentistry Help Oceanside has to offer. Dentists can help with a number of issues to help make the teeth sparkle.

A tooth whitening is one of the most common ways to change the appearance of teeth. Throughout our lives, the teeth are exposed to a number of things. Depending on a person’s lifestyle, the teeth will experience staining and yellowing. Some foods such as beets, soy sauce, and various fruits can leave stains on the teeth. Similarly, those who regularly drink coffee, tea, or wine can experience regular staining. While it’s always recommended to regularly brush the teeth, brushing only really eliminates surface stains. Most times, yellowing and staining can penetrate deep into the tooth, making it near impossible to remove by mere brushing alone.

Dentists such as Dr George Braithwaite DMD offer a number of different procedures to help whiten the teeth. While there are over the counter products that claim to help whiten the teeth, they don’t offer the same results that can be achieved at a dentist’s office and often times weaken the teeth resulting in increased sensitivity. Cosmetic dentists will use safe and effective methods to help whiten the teeth for lasting results. One common way to whiten the teeth is to utilize light. Lights work in tandem with specialized paste to penetrate deep into the teeth to achieve great results. The LED lights will activate powerful, yet safe ingredients in the paste quickly and effectively. In fact, these procedures are often completed in less than an hour. Patients can go in for an appointment and leave with a brighter smile without any downtime.

This is just one of the cosmetic dentistry services available. Patients can get the best Cosmetic Dentistry Help Oceanside has to completely change their smile. Other procedures like veneers, implants, and more will help achieve the perfect smile. With all the procedures available, there are no limits to what dentists can do for patients. With their help, patients can achieve a sparkling smile that will surely turn heads.