Does Teeth Whitening in Barrington Weaken Teeth?

Dental Health

Going to the dentist and asking for Teeth Whitening in Barrington will not weaken your teeth or promote the development of caries. The whitening method that dental professionals use is considered a medical treatment, that is to say, it requires people to ensure that their teeth are healthy and that their gums are too. Every professional in Cosmetic Dentistry will tell you that whitening is a completely harmless treatment. This is because it uses hydrogen peroxide in a mild manner, therefore never causing tooth decay or any other damaging effects to the teeth.

Hydrogen peroxide is a powerful antiseptic. This is how dentists discovered the effects it had in the tooth whitening process. It was formerly used to treat bleeding gums and inflammation until professionals saw the effects it had on whitening teeth. Improvements in the process have determined that the treatment is completely harmless. It does absolutely no damage to the teeth if it is used in a strict, medical manner that is supervised or instructed by a dental professional.

Unfortunately, there are plenty of products on the market that can harm you. It is important to separate the so-called “cosmetic products” that clean, clear and protect the surface of the tooth as a toothpaste or gel from the therapeutic products that brighten. Some of these products are of high quality, but only dentists know the composition and correct way you should use each product. Hydrogen peroxide will decompose and release oxygen, damaging teeth if it is not used correctly. Teeth Whitening in Barrington are procedures that can be done in the clinic or both in the clinic combined with home treatments.

Whatever the proposed technique is, your dentist will ensure that the method chosen is a safe and reliable method. Hydrogen peroxide can be used at different levels and may be applied to the teeth in different ways, and this means differences in efficiency. If you decide to use a home treatment alone, the level of hydrogen peroxide used is normally 0.1%, while a dental office will use a much higher percentage because it is in a controlled environment. If you are interested in seeing a dentist about Teeth Whitening in Barrington, choose a professional with a background in cosmetic dentistry.