Teeth Removal in Bridgeport, CT Can Be Prevented


When gum disease reaches an advanced stage, studies reveal that a cause-and-effect relationship begins to develop between the disease and other health woes. These health concerns may include circulatory problems, heart disease, or stroke. Also, women who have gum disease show a tendency to deliver pre-term, low-birth weight babies. Diabetics, with the oral condition, have more difficulty controlling blood sugar levels too.

Flap Surgery for Periodontal Disease

Fortunately, surgical treatments are available to counter teeth removal in Bridgeport CT. People with periodontal disease may undergo flap surgery in some cases. This type of procedure is performed to remove deposits of tartar in deep periodontal pockets or to reduce the size of the periodontal pocket for more cleaning ease. The surgery involves lifting back the gums before removing the tartar. Gums are then sutured so that the gum once again fits snugly around the tooth.

Grafting of Bone and Tissue

You can contact us about the specific details of periodontal treatment to prevent teeth removal and strengthen the gums and teeth. When you do, you may want to ask about the grafting of bone and tissue. Grafting provides a way to supplement or promote the new growth of the bone or gum tissues that have been affected by gum disease.

To prevent teeth removal, one technique, which is used with bone grafting, entails inserting a small mesh-like piece of material between the gum tissue and the bone. This approach is known as guided tissue regeneration. By performing this procedure, the dentist makes sure that the connective tissue and bones can more easily regrow.

Continue on a Course of Regular Care

Therefore, teeth removal can be prevented if you opt for periodontal treatment options to improve the health of your gums and teeth. Once you have the treatment, though you must continue on a course of regular dental care. When you make this your goal, you can prevent larger future oral issues from surfacing or developing. Visit Commerce Park Cosmetic Dentistry for more details.