Teeth Falling Out and the Emergency Dentist in Toms River

Dental Health

A tooth that has fallen out of the mouth can be attached. However, time is of the essence. It is necessary to get to the dentist as soon as possible. Fortunately, those who experience this condition have options available in Toms River. The right place to go is to the regular dentist during normal business hours. If the tooth falls out after business hours, it is best to go to an emergency dentist in Toms River. Do not wait until the regular dentist opens. By then, it will probably be too late to reattach the tooth.

When a tooth has fallen out, it is important to protect it as much as possible. Try to handle the tooth as little as possible. It is important to avoid touching the roots. The roots are very sensitive. They are prone to being damaged easily. If possible, store the tooth inside of a cup of milk to preserve it as much as possible. If there is no place to store the tooth, another option is to put it back in the mouth. Try to use a mirror when doing this so that the tooth is put in properly. Don’t put it in backwards. Protecting the fallen tooth makes it much easier for the emergency dentist in Toms River to put it back in the patient’s mouth.

After arriving at the emergency dentist in Toms River, the tooth will be put back in. There is no guarantee that it will be successful. The chances of success depend on the condition of the tooth. If too much time has passed, it may not be possible to reattach the tooth. The same thing is true if there is too much damage to the tooth or the roots. In many instances, the tooth can be reattached successfully. Treatment for infection and pain in the gum tissue is also needed regardless of whether the tooth can be put back in.

If the tooth cannot be put back into the mouth, there are other options available. For example, cosmetic dentistry is available to replace the missing tooth with an implant or with a bridge. It is not always possible to put a tooth back in, but there are always options available to restore the patient’s smile.

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