What Tasks Does An Air Conditioning Repairman Do?

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AC repair in St. Petersburg is typically carried out by skilled technicians who are licensed and insured to work in commercial buildings as well as residential homes. The air conditioning repairman is often known more as a technician any more as repairing an AC is far more than meets the eye due to the complexity of the equipment. This AC technician will normally receive training in a specialized school.

A typical air conditioning unit is quite complicated and made up of a number of major components including the evaporator, condenser, expansion valve and compressor. Those that do AC repair in St. Petersburg must be familiar with all the components, the same technician can be called upon to repair heat pumps and ducting as well. As air conditioning is often needed around the clock, the repairman is often on call to provide emergency break-down service.

A typical air conditioning repairman can be expected to face many tasks during a typical working day. He may very well be called upon to repair a frozen coil in the morning and to rewire a thermostat that failed in the afternoon. Not everything can be repaired, in many cases the repairman will have to order repair or replacement parts and return later to install them.

Air conditioning repairmen can also expect to be called upon to clean air ducts that are used to convey cool and warm air from the central system to individual rooms. Over time the ducts become fouled with dust, dirt and debris and need to be cleaned for both health reasons and operating efficiency. In many cases duct cleaning is a part of routine maintenance which is carried out periodically.

There are three basic types of air conditioning systems; central, split and window type; the technician that does AC repair in St. Petersburg can be expected to work on any of them with equal expertise. In addition to repair and maintenance, the AC technician can also be expected to install new equipment and inspections. In many cases the technician is asked to inspect and evaluate existing systems, performing tests to determine the operating efficiency of the existing units which in some cases need replacing due to age.

A technician who does AC repair in St. Petersburg uses various tools during the course of his day, the technician needs to be skilled at the uses of these tools, many of which are sophisticated diagnostic devices.

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