Once your child has reached the age of three years old, it is time to begin teaching him good dental hygiene. This can be much easier and more enjoyable for your child if you have a professional pediatric dentist Brentwood helping you. Even if you have never yet taken your child to the dentist, it does not have to be a scary situation for him. Let your child know right from the start that the dentist is a very nice person who wants to help him keep his teeth healthy. This can be a fun and exciting time for your child if you tell them everything they have to look forward to.

Jason White DDS has been a professional pediatric dentist Brentwood for several years now. He specializes in caring for young patients and loves helping a child get enthused about having healthy teeth. When you take your child in for the first time, you will be very pleased with how kid friendly the office really is. Your child will be welcomed by friendly staff and made to feel very special while he is there. Each young patient will receive their own special dental care package so they can practice taking care of their teeth at home.

First, the dentist will examine your child’s teeth to make sure they are in good condition. then they will be professionally cleaned with special toothpaste that is a flavor that all young patients enjoy. The dentist will talk to your child while he is doing this to ensure he is completely at ease and not afraid. He may also use a special fluoride treatment to help keep his teeth strong and healthy. In most cases, young patients enjoy these visits and are especially happy when they are given their very own toothbrushes and toothpaste to use at home.

Making a trip to the dentist a happy time is a great way to keep your child excited about caring for his teeth throughout his childhood. Once your first initial visit goes well, you should have no problems with getting him to be perfectly content about going for his regular checkups every six months. Visit website for more information.

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