Swisher Sweets Cigars


The Swisher Cigar Company is an international cigar seller that manufactures its product in Jacksonville, Florida. Like every company, there is a story behind how it began. Swisher Cigars started in the early 1860s when the founder of the company got an opportunity to settle about a small cigar company in the form of a debt. Sales quickly grew, but even until the 1900s the Swisher Cigar Company was not a very popular or infamous company, unlike the other best-selling companies in the market.

Innovative Sweets

Today, Swisher Cigars, Inc. is considered the undisputed leader among the best cigar selling companies worldwide. If you look for a Swisher Cigar anywhere in the world, you don’t have to search very long to find one. These excellently packed, quality cigars can be found virtually anywhere.  As the company gained reputation and was known to produce the finest cigars by most experienced smokers, they introduced their first ever innovative product – sweet cigars. They quickly became a best seller and were dubbed Swisher Sweets Cigars. To date, they are the best selling product from Swisher.

The Swisher Sweets Cigars are specially made by hand in order to retain and save the flavor and give the smoker a sweet and mildly satisfying smoke which will make anyone want more. They are available in a number of popular sizes and flavors, which are available in both artificial and natural flavors.

Quality and Flavor Can’t be Beat

We all know that once a company sells a mind blowing product there are others who try their best to imitate the product and market it as their own. However, if one company did attempt to imitate a Swisher Sweet, it would be a waste of time and money. Each of the Swisher Sweets Cigars is so excellently made that the ones who try to imitate it can’t even come close to its quality. Any regular smoker of Swisher Sweets can buy these cigars without any doubt of their authenticity. They use unique tobaccos and flawless favorings which have no match. This absolutely divine blend remains a secret and is not disclosed to the smokers.

Swisher Sweets Cigars are now manufactured in America and provide an affordable product, which is available worldwide for anyone who loves to smoke them. You can also find them in many online stores where they are available in a number of popular sizes and different flavors. They are usually available in a pack of 5 cigars. The whole carton which is completely hard packed comes with 50 packs. Pick up your pack of Swisher Sweets today and taste the innovative flavor that took the craze of the cigar market by storm.