What is a Swedish massage?

Massage Therapy and Bodywork

Much of the western world turns to Swedish massage as the most common form of therapeutic massage. The technique has been in constant use for over 100 years and includes a number of techniques which treat muscle soreness, stress, tension and poor circulation. Most massage therapists are trained first in Swedish massage first as most of the western massage therapies has their origins in this form.

There are five basic movements in Swedish massage, these movements are designed to increase circulation and eliminate toxins from the muscles. The massage therapist incorporates these moves, all of which flow toward the heart. The individual receiving the massage feels physically and emotionally relaxed at the end of the session. The moves incorporate long gliding strokes which can be applied with varying force from light to hard, all depending on the client or the purpose of the massage. The long strokes allow the therapist to become familiar with the muscles and from there more pressure can be brought to bear where needed most.

Kneading is also an important part of a Swedish massage in Peabody MA, the kneading releases toxins that are in the muscle by separating and rolling them out. This is done under gentle motion which compresses the tissues which in turn enhances circulation. At the same time, gentle tapping of the muscles is done with the fingers and the side of the hand, this technique is beneficial in releasing cramps and tension. A third addition to the therapists arsenal is vibration where the hands are placed on the back of the arm or leg and then shaking the limb briskly for a few moments. This vibration technique eases tension and helps muscles to contract.

Deep work is accomplished by using friction. The therapist works with the palm of the hand, the elbow and the fingers; using circular movements the heat works deeply into the muscles. It is the friction that helps the client to increase his or her flexibility and releases very deep seated tension.

Like most types of massage, they work best when one is had at least monthly, even better when the client takes the time from his or her busy schedule to fit a massage in Peabody MA in every two weeks. Upon arrival do not hesitate to tell the therapist your needs.

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