There are many ways to move beyond the basic hole in a box when it comes to portable restrooms in Long Beach, CA. While most units look much the same from the outside, a variety of possible extra features can be added. These can make the units easier to move into position or more pleasant to use.

Putting portable bathrooms on trailers makes it easy to haul them around a property to the exact places they are needed. There’s no need to have guests walk a mile across a park when they can just be pulled to wherever an attraction is taking place. Trailers can hold between 2-4 units, so you don’t have to worry about running out of containment space before such an event ends.

If you don’t like the looks of four standard portable toilets on a trailer, you can rent a 21′ trailer that houses four stalls inside of one outside wall. The toilets in these long trailers flush, and simple sinks with running water are also available. All you need for a water source for this type of multi-stall unit is a garden hose. A 30-amp breaker and 110-volt electrical hookup are also needed, but most parks will have these items.

Event holders also have a variety of freestanding portable bathroom options. The standard toilet-only unit can be upgraded with flush capabilities, fresh water sinks, and lighting. This makes it easy to obtain the level of service that is needed for any specific event.

Those in the high-rise construction industry will be interested in units that can be lifted with cranes or moved with elevators. Some of these units are made specifically for use in high-rises. There is no need to worry about construction crew relieving themselves over the side of a half-completed building with proper portable toilets on the same floor as the workers!