Surety Bonds in Cobleskill, NY Help Defendants Overcome the First Obstacle in Their Defense


Surety bonds in Cobleskill, NY allow defendants to be released from jail before trial for a service fee that is a percentage of the cash bail. For many criminal offenses, bail is set automatically in a chart, so a judge does not need to get involved. When even the service fee is too expensive for the defendant to pay, this person can wait for a bail hearing. At that hearing, the defense lawyer works to convince the judge to lower bail to a more affordable amount.

The First Obstacle to an Effective Defense

The setting of bail and the person’s ability to pay for bail or a bond is often the first obstacle toward an effective defense. For various reasons, defendants achieve better results at trial if they are not incarcerated at the time. It is also greatly in their favor to be released and return to work and family. They can do so with the assistance of agencies providing surety bonds in Cobleskill, NY.

Written Motions and Oral Arguments

The lawyer may file a detailed written motion to the court explaining why bail should be reduced, or even why the defendant should be released on their own recognizance without any bail requirement. At the bail hearing or the arraignment, the lawyer presents an oral argument to support the client’s desire for lower bail. This combination of strategies can be very effective at persuading a judge.

Aspects a Judge Considers

The lawyer addresses aspects such as the defendant’s employment in the community and family members who live nearby or with this person. The intention is to show that the defendant is not a flight risk, or prone to causing danger to the community. If there is no prior criminal history, that fact will be emphasized too.

Help from a Bail Bonds Agency

Courts and county jails are accustomed to working with bail bond organizations such as Bernardo-Goldstein & Quinn Agency, Inc. With help from this type of agency, the defendant can stop feeling despair about getting out of jail and instead be released now that the percentage fee has been reduced along with the bail. Schedule a consultation to get started.