Suffering from Back Pain in Willis TX? Call a Chiropractor for Help


People who suffer from Back Pain in Willis TX often turn to a chiropractor for help. After the Dr. Custer reviews the x-rays or MRI and performs a complete physical he can determine what factors are creating the pain. Often tight or weak muscles are pulling discs out of alignment. He can then use his training and years of experience to realign the spine. Often after just one treatment patients notice a reduction in pain. Although it can take several adjustments to completely eradicate the pain. When the skeleton is properly aligned, bones and muscles stop hitting nerves, which is often the cause of the pain.

While the adjustment puts the body into the correct alignment, weak or tight muscles can pull it back out of alignment. That’s why it often takes several adjustments to attain long-term relief from Back Pain in Willis TX. It may also be necessary for the patient to work with a physical therapist to properly strengthen the muscles and loosen the ligaments and tendons. The combination of alignments and physical therapy will gradually allow the body to gain the strength and flexibility it needs to remain in alignment for longer periods.

Stress can also be a culprit when it comes to back pain. The professionals at Willis Spine understand how a person’s body can tense up when the person lives and works under pressure. Their system also produces less natural painkillers when they are stressed out. Therapeutic massage has been shown to help people relax and reduce stress-related pain. Many people actually fall asleep during a massage as their body relaxes. They also report that they start to sleep better.

Dr. Custer also educates his patients about the importance of nutrition and weight control in reducing back pain. Certain foods actually increase inflammation throughout the body, while others calm it. By working with the body’s own pain management system, symptoms can often be reduced without resorting to powerful and addicting pain medications. Excess weight also makes muscles and joints work harder. When a patient weighs the right amount for their height and bone mass, their body has to work far less to move.

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