Styling Your Home with Entertainment Center Design in NYC

Home Improvement

While anyone would be thrilled to receive a large, flatscreen TV for Christmas, the post-holiday months may have many scratching their heads. Maybe they want the entertainment of a great home theater without the fuss and focal point, or maybe they want to display their television in a tasteful way that flows with the rest of their home decor. From mounting a TV on the wall to building your own television hideaway, here are a few great options when it comes to placing a new gadget in the perfect place.

  • Want to mount your TV on the wall but not have it always visible? There are some great systems out there that will hide your television with a removeable piece of art! Imagine artwork or even a stylish mirror giving way to your new TV – how cool is that?
  • If you don’t want to shell out the cash to buy a mount like the ones mentioned above, you could create your own cover. Using a sliding closet door track, you could DIY by attaching artwork to a track attached to the ceiling!
  • Did you know that some manufacturers have created a version of two-way mirrors that will look like a mirror at one point, and then disappear to show your TV at the next? This could be a really cool option if you’re looking to impress!
  • If you would like your TV visible but cushioned in class, you may want to look into Entertainment Center Design in NYC. You can find some great cabinetry options, from detailed entertainment units to great custom-made craftsmanship. Entertainment Center Design in NYC, such as those found at, could really make your new tv shine!
  • Mounting your TV, but hate the mess of cords cluttering your walls? Look for some cheap cord covers at your local electronics shop. Paintable and easy to apply, they can make even the busiest of wire setups look like barely a blip on the wall.

Don’t fret over a new gadget, wondering how it will fit in with your existing decor. With a little time and effort, it can be a great new addition to your home!