Stunning Granite Installation Transforms a Family’s Home

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The kitchen is the center of most families’ lives. From early morning coffee and a quiet reading of the newspaper to the flurry of breakfast, packing of lunches and waves goodbye as the door slams, the kitchen is the hub of activity to start the day. After school homework often gets done at the kitchen table as the evening meal is being prepared, and families linger after dinner to relate the happenings of the day.

It should come as no surprise that when the time comes for a makeover or remodeling project for the home, the kitchen leads the list of areas, followed by bathrooms. These most lived-in areas not only show wear more rapidly but also are the primary source of pride and enjoyment for the entire family.

New appliances and dining tables and chairs are the first to be replaced, but counter tops are quickly becoming a part of any remodeling. The days when Formica-topped all counters and worked spaces are long gone. Stunning granite installation on all work surfaces can transform even older kitchens and make the entire room sparkle. Bathroom surfaces can complement the kitchen by matching materials and colors giving the whole house a new look and feel.

Granite installation is not a temporary move. Much thought and planning should be undertaken before any final decision is made. It is always best to consult with a professional firm whose representative will lay out options, colors, and materials and assist in all phases of the design and installation. Choosing the right contractor is made easier by using a user-managed referral list such as Angie’s List. All major cities and most smaller ones feature these lists. In the tri-state area, one of the companies on the referral list is Renaissance Marble Works, which has served Queens and Nassau County for almost 30 years.

Granite counter and work surface tops literally last a lifetime. The selection and design to match a kitchen and bathroom will change the interior appearance of a home for generations. Stunning granite installation is not a slogan or catch-phrase. It is a description of the immediate reaction of all family members and guests when they walk in and see what a difference granite can make.