String Lights Add a Warm Sense of Romance to Your Anaheim, CA, Backyard


String lighting in Anaheim, CA, can lend a fairytale quality to your backyard and garden. The soft, understated, and old-fashioned quality gives string lighting its undeniable charm. Moreover, solar LED string lights won’t add a dime to your electrical bill.

String lights can be strung from the eaves of the house and secured to the trees in your yard. They can also be strung along walls, fences, and paths. The creative possibilities are nearly endless, especially with solar-powered lights. Since solar lights do not need to be wired in, they can go anywhere in your yard.

However, solar-powered lights can lose energy within a few hours of the sun going down. If you want to host garden parties long into the night, you’ll need hard-wired lighting. String lights use very little power, making them very economical. To install hard-wired string lights, you’ll need to hire an electrician.

String lights are easy to do yourself, but for the best effect, turn to a professional. A lighting company experienced with string lighting can calculate the number of lights and the ideal pattern. Your dreamy, backyard nightscape can become a reality, with expert guidance.

If you frequent an outdoor cafe with beautiful bistro string lighting, ask the manager which lighting contractor they used. Most lighting contractors do both commercial and residential jobs.

Whether you do it yourself or hire a pro, string lighting in Anaheim, CA, creates a warm, romantic atmosphere in your backyard.

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