Stock Up On Premium Glam Supplies


Korean eyelash extension supplies are a must-have for any major glam routine. Cheap Lash is your go-to supplier of microblade products and professional quality eyelash extensions at wholesale prices. Here’s a brief rundown of the fabulous implements and accessories that our inventory includes.

Korea Jade Stone

Eyelash glue that dries before you use it properly is inconvenient, to say the least. Korea Jade Stones have the uncanny ability to maintain a cool ambient temperature that prevents eyelash glue from drying out too quickly. This lets you apply your lashes in a timely but careful manner without worries.

Korea Lash Primer

Lash Primer adds instant volume and length to your real or synthetic lashes. It can also help mascara to better adhere.

Korea Eyelash Gel Remover

Eyelash gel imparts gloss, shine and a healthy fullness to your real and synthetic lashes. Removing eyelash gel can be tricky. You need something that’s strong enough to cut through the chemicals without hurting your eyes.

Eyelash gel remover also doubles as a glue remover, breaking the chemical bonds of adhesive for easier eyelash separation. Korea Eyelash Gel is highly effective without posing harm to your eyes, letting you easily and quickly cut through eyelash gel.

Korea Lash Glue Remover Debonder

Korea Lash Glue Remover dissolves eyelash adhesive safely and quickly. This newly created formula works faster than previous versions and does not burn when applied, making for timely, comfortable removal and debonding on false lash glue.

Histolab Korea Hyaluron Complex

Replenish and nourish the skin located in and around your eyelash area. This complex delivers antioxidants and nutrients in the form of rose water, citrus fruit extracts and sodium hyaluronate to moisturize and protect, keeping skin strong yet soft and supple.

Microneedle Histolab Korea Hyaluron Complex

This complex infuses deep restorative moisture to eyelash areas after micro-needling treatments. Five active ingredients rejuvenate skin to preserve a dewy, elastic appearance and feel.

Don’t wait until you run out to replace your Korean eyelash extension supplies. Explore Cheap Lash today and discover premium, no-fuss solutions to your everyday glam needs.