Staying On Top of Roofing Repair in Rochester MN


Strong winds, storms, and age can negatively affect a roof. Broken or missing shingles may require Roofing Repair in Rochester MN to make the roof structurally sound again. If left unattended, a roof that is in disarray may be defenseless against the elements as they beat down upon it. Steve Gentry Construction has years of experience repairing damaged roofs whether it’s a few lone shingles or an entire roof replacement. This company has a team of experienced roofers who can do an inspection to determine if anything needs to be corrected and then make the necessary repairs. They adhere to the highest standards for quality workmanship and safety to ensure that every roof is in top condition once repairs have been completed.

Determining Damage

Storms can wreak havoc on a roof as strong winds, ice, and hail beat down upon it. It’s important to have a roof inspection done afterward to see if the roof requires Roofing Repair in Rochester MN. In some cases, individual shingles may have incurred damage, while in other instances an entire roof may have been compromised to the point that the only option is a complete roof replacement. A roof inspection will check all parts of the roof, including the flashing, turbines, and attached gutters.

When Age is a Factor

Over time, a roof loses its ability to provide protection against Mother Nature’s destructive forces as the roofing materials break down. If the basic roofing materials are still viable, patching a small area or replacing a few shingles may extend the life of an older roof. However, if the cost of making the repairs is high, a homeowner may wish to consider replacing the roof altogether. A new roof may seem like a huge investment, but it comes with a warranty, will be more energy efficient, and insurance rates may also reflect savings since a new roof is less likely to require major repairs when compared to an older one.

Maintaining a roof can extend its longevity. By attending to minor issues as they develop, the decking and the underlayment of a roof can remain intact and avoid needing repairs as well. For more information regarding roofing repairs and replacement, please Visit the website You can also follow them on Twitter.