A Starter Checklist for What You Should Be Expecting From Home Inspection in Chicago

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A good home inspection is an essential event in the process of purchasing a home. It’s important that home buyers have a full understanding of what they will be getting into if they decide to buy. A quality home inspector will be checking for a lot of things in an effort to make sure that the house is safe. If you’re curious about what a home inspection actually entails, here’s a short checklist of some of the things your inspector will be examining:


The roof is one of the most important pieces of the home because it protects your family and everything you own from the elements. You’ll need to know how old the roof is in order to determine whether it is nearing time for replacement. Furthermore, the inspector should be checking the condition of the shingles and looking for leaks and checking other things like flashings and chimneys.


If you have an oil-burning heating system (such as a furnace), it’s vital that your home inspector checks the tank and all equipment to make sure that combustion will be able to take place properly. Those who use electric heating or air conditioning should be checked for energy-efficiency, and any duct work should be looked at to check for leaks as well as the presence of mold spores that can be spread throughout the home.


Checking the health of the plumbing system in the house is important because a malfunctioning plumbing system could cause significant water damage issues. Your home inspection should include an evaluation of the water heater, water pressure, and the amount of time that it takes for your water to turn hot as it runs from the faucets. You should also flush all toilets in order to examine the system for leaks.


When inspecting the condition of your electrical system, your inspector needs to make sure that they check to make sure all outlets and light switches are functioning properly, check the condition of the electrical box, and make sure that the system has sufficient grounding and over-current protection devices.

home inspection in Chicago – should be a very thorough process that gives the buyer lots of information about the home’s condition. Though this list doesn’t cover everything, it is a great start in helping you understand how the right home inspector can make all the difference in making sure that you are happy at your new residence.