Start A Product Liability Claim With An Accident Lawyer In College Park


In Maryland, product liabilities occur when a dangerous or harmful product causes consumer-based injuries. The events are based on a flaw in the design, a failure to warn the public or damage caused during assembly or production. An Accident Lawyer in College Park represents consumers who sustained injuries due to manufacturer’s failures.

Documenting the Victim’s Injuries

Medical records are created after the victim sustains injuries. The records must show that the product identified in the claim caused the injuries. The records will show that the claimant has the legal right to file the lawsuit. Further forensic tests are conducted to show that the injuries could happen to any consumer.

Starting a Report

The Consumer Rights Protection Agency has full authority over any products released to the public in the US. The government agency conducts assessments of products after a report is filed. The findings of the agency’s tests dictate if further investigations are needed.

How Product Recalls Work

The agency issues a product recall for any products that are classified as dangerous or harmful. The recall is presented to the public, and any consumers affected by the product must come forward. The manufacturer must meet the exact conditions specified in the recall. Typically, a refund is provided to consumers who bought the product, repairs are performed for detects, and legal claims are filed for any consumer who was injured.

What to Expect from the Cases

A one-victim claim will provide economic damages if the consumer wins their case. Some tort-based awards are offered, too. However, if multiple victims were involved, a class-action lawsuit is filed, and the winnings are divided among all litigants identified in the claim. The attorney representing the victim or victims determines which action is most suitable.

In Maryland, product liabilities exist when a product causes harm to a consumer. The circumstances of the injuries may be questions, and the packaging for the product is evaluated. Forensic tests define whether or not the injuries resulted from using the product. The Consumer Rights Protection Agency could become involved in the case, too. Consumers who sustained injuries contact an Accident Lawyer in College Park through the Jaklitsch Law Group to start a claim right now.